Must Have Holiday Gadgets In 2018

Must Have Holiday Gadgets In 2018

There is a wide range of great gadgets available that will help you on your travels this year. Most people have a smartphone these days. However, there are lots of other gadgets that could benefit the public when going on holiday in 2018. From making travelling easier to keep children occupied by the pool, electronic gadgets come in very handy. I know how important it is to get those Instagrams on your travels so keeping your phone charged is very important which is why extra charging gadgets are very popular this year.

Smart Luggage

Who would have ever thought that you would be using your luggage for more than just carrying your clothes and toiletries? Well, now you can buy smart luggage that charges your smartphone and/or tablet. The luggage has been developed to help optimise the travel experience. The luggage, although it will differ between brands, provides easy and reliable luggage to check in or carry on board the plane. The main feature of smart luggage is the USB ports that allow devices to be plugged in and charge. This is ideal if you are travelling a far distance for your holiday and won’t have access to any plugs. It also works well if delays occur and you get stuck in the airport. I think smart luggage is definitely the must-have gadget for your next holiday.

Power Bank

Similar to smart luggage, a power bank is always a handy gadget to have with you when going on holiday. It is also good to have a back up of power in case your phone dies when you’re out. How else will you take photos and upload your Instagram story?! I use a power bank very frequently, especially on holiday when I am often out all day with no time to charge my phone. My phone battery won’t last all day if I am taking photos, updating social media and getting directions so a power bank is an ideal gadget to carry around with me in case I need some extra power.


Although most people go on holiday to relax, unwind and not worry about diets, a fitbit is a fun gadget to have for a holiday. A fitbit is a fitness and health tracker and although most people going on holiday don’t think about their diet or fitness, it is fun to track steps and heart rate. I personally enjoy eating healthy and exercising and when I go on holiday I do indulge. However, I also continue to run and still eat healthy with occasional treats. A fitbit is perfect to track exercise and makes it even more fun when doing so on holiday.

So wherever you plan to go on holiday in 2018, these gadgets are must-haves to provide you with an easier and better holiday. When I booked flights to Dubai I knew I could use smart luggage and charge my iPhone at the airport if I needed too. It is good to take away the stress of worrying about my phone dying, especially when it has important emails and information on for my flight.

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