Four Of The Best Music Apps Currently Available Today

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We don’t quite know what it is, but there’s just something about music that people seem to absolutely adore, and even live their lives by. Music for so many people is a way of life, as it offers them an escape from reality, or somewhere to find their thoughts and to be alone. Not only this, but it’s also great for telling a story, keeping people entertained, and even motivating them and getting them fired up for a gruelling event perhaps. No matter how you feel about music, chances are that it plays an important role in either your life, the life of somebody that you’re especially close to. As smart phones and apps are now so popular and lucrative, more and more companies are getting on board and trying their hand at developing something special. Well, combine apps with music, and you have a winning combination, assuming of course, that you get it right. Here are four music apps that most certainly got it right.

Tunein Radio – This app is simply amazing, hands down. It is almost every single radio station in the entire world, all found in one single app. This app allows users the opportunity to listen to over 70,000 different radio stations, over two million different podcasts, all from their very own smart device. Tunein Radio is absolutely ideal if you happen to love all forms of music, and you can guarantee that there’ll be something on there for you to enjoy.

Songkick – Songkick is ideal for people who happen to have a special kind of love and fondness for live music, as it actually is able to create a fully personalised concert calendar based entirely upon your music library, and is able to let you know when a band you happen to enjoy, are doing a live gig or concert.

Downcast – Another great app for music lovers is one which is known as Downcast. Downcast works by allowing users to listen to and download their all time favourite Podcasts, without the need to sync up their computer devices, which can be annoying and time consuming to say the very least. It allows users to download, rename, browse, and listen to Podcasts, as well as creating playlists to help organise your library. If you’re a fan of Podcasts, this is certainly for you.

Musyc – If you’re creative and happen to enjoy making music as much as actually just listening to it, then musyc is for you. It allows you to make your own musical symphony by bouncing multicoloured shapes all over your screen. It has been designed by a company known as finger labs, who also created a well known finger drum based machine game. This particular app is much more tranquil and relaxing, so don’t expect heavy metal guitar solos.

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