Football Websites Every Fan Needs

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With football season well and truly upon us, there’s no better time than to live out your football fantasies online with sites covering everything from betting on your favourite teams to reading up on the sport and having a digital kick-about. Check out our list for the essential websites for every fan.

Dirty Tackle

Best for: Humour

Dirty tackle promise humour, culture and absolute nonsense and delivers on all counts. Expect hilarious anecdotes from the world of footie, as well as news and cultural updates. More serious articles from the world of sport are set alongside funny comment pieces and video clips essential to keep you up to date on the ins and outs of the league.


Best for: Social networking

This is a perfect site for footie fans who want to connect with fellow aficionados. Link with people who support your team and enjoy detailed analysis of games, scores, players and clubs. Follow them on twitter for a constant stream of witty insights and links to the most important footie news going on in the UK and the world.


Best for: Videos

Like the site whose name it borrowed, Footytube is a one stop destination for the best footie videos on the web. From clips of recent games, to video analysis and interviews, it’s an ideal way to keep abreast of what’s going on. The ‘goals of the week’ section is especially handy and gives you the chance to relive the best moments from your team that week. Regularly updated with must-watch footage and the latest match videos, you’ll barely need to turn on your TV to feel like you’ve watched every game this season.


Best for: betting and gaming

Hedge your bets and visit a site where you can place live bets and have up-to-the-minute knowledge of what’s going on. With the chance to bet on games from around the world, the chances to win big never stop. If betting isn’t your thing you can enjoy having a gamble on football themed games such as Top Trumps Football Legends and Football Rules.

Football Ground Guide

Best for: Away Games

Always stuck looking for a place that’s hospitable to away fans when your team is playing on foreign ground? Football Ground Guide might not be the most stylish spot on the web, but it has a great directory of all stadiums in the UK and Northern Ireland. You can see everything from ticket prices and upcoming games, to nearby restaurants and bars and places to stay over locally. The ‘local rivals’ tab will make sure that you’re up to date with who’s pitted against whom all over the country.

The internet is about as obsessed with football as we are as a nation: these are just five of the best websites for fans looking for all sorts of football related information and entertainment. We hope it’s given you some food for thought, but check back regularly for our latest recommendations and updates on the web-world of football!

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