Best Business Gadgets That Will Improve The Customer Experience

electronic point of sale

Any and all companies should strive to do one important thing; improve the experience the customer has. You have to make each transaction speedy, secure and pleasant, but it’s easier said than done. You have to be sure that your business is secure, while giving customers what they want. It’s a tricky balance to get right.

So, just what can you do to get it right? As is often the case, technology is the answer, and you have many experience-improving ideas at your fingertips. A great customer experience isn’t made for free, and you’ll need an arsenal of gadgets at your side to accomplish great things.

So, if you’re a business owner, from retail to sports, who’s looking for some help to improve the customer experience, look no further. The following article will run down several fresh ways you can give your service skills a boost in a quick, secure fashion. It won’t require a degree in technology; it just takes a few small tweaks in certain places!

Electronic point of sale

A lot of businesses who rely on cash payments are slowing down transaction time a great deal. Crowds and queues are arguably the worst things about shopping, so quash them. An electronic point of sale system (EPOS) can greatly increase the speed of which you can complete a sale. If a customer has an enjoyable experience with your business, they’ll be more likely to return!

Additionally, EPOS has many benefits for you, the business, behind the scenes. You can read reports about best-selling products and manage your stock all from one integrated system. Boosting the consumer experience as well as your experience is something that’s rarely afforded.

Identity verification

Any and all companies have to be sure of the integrity of their clients. This reduces problems further down the line that can stem from fraud and identity theft. A lot of businesses use advanced ID scanners as a simple security measure. This also has the additional benefit of cutting down the amount of time customers spend filling in forms.

In general, the identity verification process can be a headache for consumers, so try your best to make it as speedy as possible. Like EPOS, you’ll give them a more enjoyable experience which makes them more likely to return to you.

Contactless card readers

It’s 2016, and more and more people are relying on simple, fast payment methods than ever before. Customers want to use contactless cards, and Apple Pay on their iDevice. Contactless can literally make each transaction take seconds, as opposed to the few minutes a cash or card sale can take.

All your clients have to do is hold their card or phone over the contactless reader, and it’s done. Simple, fast and effective.


Your business is a huge operation, and it’ll take a chunk of cutting edge technologies to get you ahead of the game. Luckily, many of these solutions are simple to implement and are designed with businesses in mind. So, it shouldn’t be too hard for you. You will live and die by how your customers value you, so give them a time to remember!

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