What To Do When You’ve Lost Your Phone

As far as modern conveniences go, nothing is quite as ubiquitous or as well-loved as the smartphone. With this one device, we can access all of the world’s information, not to mention use it for things like playing games and paying for stuff online. Unfortunately, such convenience is a double-edged sword as it makes our […]

The Lazy Households Dream Invention

All those chores that need doing around the house are a right pain, yes? Hoovering, the washing up, just basic tidying – all take up time you could use sitting back, relaxing and doing nothing! Let’s face it, we’re all lazy at heart; if we could get away with not doing those jobs, we would! […]

Cell Phone Addiction in the USA

New research has revealed that more and more of us are becoming addicted to our cell phones – and one in five (23%) would prefer to give up sex than be parted from their phone. A cell phone addiction quiz commissioned by Decluttr, an online service that offers cash for unwanted electronics, DVDs, CDs, video […]